"Protecting the environment is everybody's responsibility"

The Ridery

"Protecting the environment is everybody's responsibility"

The Ridery

Oceans, lakes, rivers, forests... As kitesurfers we are especially connected to nature. We need it, just as our sport needs it.
However, the kiteboarding industry and the products it creates are not eco-friendly, and our environment is the first to suffer. We are aware of this, and that's why we're doing our best to make sure we protect it.

Of course, we are also aware that sustainability has become a marketing strategy for many companies today. And we don't claim to be changing the world with The Ridery.
However, in our own small way, we are doing what we can to minimise the impact of our business on the environment, while hoping to do much more in the future.

Whether it is through our actions, but also through the partners we choose to work with, we always keep in mind the notions of sustainable development and environmental protection.

June 2019

The Ridery project : rental !

Renting equipment is not only convenient, but also an efficient way to respect the environment! Many people have a complete quiver, but only use some of the wings a few times during the year... so why buy and let it all sit in the garage? Renting also means sharing the gear, and therefore is an efficient way to produce less equipment. And less production means fewer natural resources used, and therefore a happier environment!

June 2019

And after the rental, what future for the equipment ?

Selling second hand, of course! Indeed, buying your kite second hand allows you to extend the life of the existing equipment, and thus not to draw unnecessarily on the planet's resources! Some second hand kites are in near new condition and, unless you are a professional, there is little chance that you will distinguish a 2021 from a 2020 kite in terms of performance (don't worry, we also include ourselves in this category😉 ). And as well as doing some good for the planet, you're also being nicer to your wallet!

June 2019

We agree that beautiful packaging is very nice. But it's also very polluting...

That's why, from the very beginning of The Ridery, we have made it a point of honour to reuse as much cardboard and packaging as possible! Don't worry, it's not you, the customer, who will receive a box from 2018 😉 But for all the packages sent to our B to B partners, the watchword is salvage, salvage, and salvage more!

April 2020

The Ridery launches a clothing collection.
Yes, but in organic cotton!

For both our T-shirts and our jumpers, the cotton we use is 100% organic, which means that its farming respects producers and the environment! All this while having an impeccable style!

September 2020

Launch of the Kitesurf Center Paris, or "KCP"

What is the KCP? The idea is simple: to organise day kite trips during which we take the participants (or "KCP-ers" 😉 ) by bus directly to the beaches from Paris. So, instead of leaving with 10 cars, we leave with only one bus. That was for the carbon footprint! And on top of that, these outings are very friendly! What a bonus!

Avril 2021

Collaboration with Wildsuits

Because The Ridery has grown, we thought that 2021 was also the right year to better select our partners, so that they are in line with our values of respect for the environment. This is why we have entered into a collaboration with Wildsuits for the wetsuits. Wildsuits in a few words: eco-responsible wetsuits made from ecological neoprene from limestone. Doing things right to the end, the brand also uses a component called "Eco Carbon Black" made from recycled tyres, solvent-free glue and recycled polyester. If you want more details, it will be here !

May 2021

Collaboration with Patagonia

Is it really necessary to present this brand? Its reputation in terms of environmental commitment is now well established. Whether it's through "1% for the planet" (Patagonia's self-imposed Earth tax) or other actions such as the financing of 1020 associations working on issues such as the loss of diversity or climate action, Patagonia is today a true pioneer in this sector. That's why we're proud to partner with them to bring you eco-friendly products that match our values. If you want more details, it's through here!

Mai 2021

Collaboration with Woodboard

Obviously, the beginning of 2021 was rich in new partnerships! Who is Woodboard? First of all, a kiteboard manufacturer 😉 But it is also an ethical brand. All Woodboard products are made in the European Union. All its raw material suppliers are located in the EU, and they use FSC certified wood. During the manufacturing process, they do not release any gases or fine particles into the environment. If you want more details, it's this way!

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