8 gift ideas for kitesurf and wingfoil fans!

8 gift ideas for kitesurf and wingfoil fans!

Because you know as well as I do that once you've caught the kitesurfing or wingfoil bug, it's all anyone ever talks about (much to the delight of your family and friends).
Or maybe you're on the other side of the fence, i.e. someone close to you has recently taken up kitesurfing... and then you're the one who suffers the consequences!

In both cases, the idea of making a little Christmas present around this discipline quickly comes to mind! But ideas can be hard to come by! So we thought we'd make it easier for you by providing a little inspiration! So here's our list of items that can accompany every kitesurfer & wingfoiler through thick and thin!

And don't worry, there's something for every budget!

Ready to go? Let's go!

1 - A board

Because a good board is where the fun starts! And if it looks good, it's even better 😉 Yes, let's be honest with each other once and for all: having style on the water is important!

Is your or your mate's board starting to look a bit dated? Here's a selection of high-performance boards that could make you very happy this Christmas! And there's options for Smaller budgets !

2 - Neoprene accessories

Yes, because Christmas means winter, and winter means cold!
Of course, there are always those who go sailing in shorties in the middle of January (if you ask me, they're the same people who, in the middle of winter under the snow, walk down the street in a T-shirt when everyone else is wearing a heavy-duty winter coat).
For your average mortal however, Neoprene accessories are essential at this time of year if you want to get the most out of your session! And especially if you want to stay in the water for more than 30 minutes.
By accessories I mean: gloves, booties et bonnets !So if you're missing one from the list, now's the time to invest! Your extremities will thank you 😉

3 - Neoprene jacket

Less essential than the gloves, booties & balaclava combo, a neoprene jacket is still great if you want to add a little extra warmth to your cold weather session!

What's more, it'll give you impeccable style on the water! See point n°1 😉

4 - Impact vest

If you or the person who talks to you incessantly about kitesurfing is starting to jump, then the Impact vest is the perfect gift!
Contrary to what you might think, it's not there to add impact to your style (although...).
Useful in part as a flotation device, its real value is found when cushioning shocks (especially to the ribs) in the event of a poorly controlled landing 😉
And as an added bonus this winter, it provides extra padding on the torso to keep you even warmer!

5 - a poncho

The poncho is a classic!

While its main purpose is to make it easy to put on and take off your wetsuit in the car park without showing everyone your bum, it's also a really nice way of keeping warm in winter while you're changing!
Because even if you're well covered up in the water, you should know that the worst moment in winter sessions is when you're changing in the wind, soaking wet, at the end of the session 😉

6 - Our beautiful poster

Do you or your friend already have all the possible and imaginable equipment? Worry not, there's always more...

No worries, we've still got a few ideas for you, starting with these beautiful kitesurfing posters !
Just the thing to brighten up these walls, which are, after all, a little too white 😉

7 - A magnificent piece of clothing from The Ridery

To keep your style impeccable once you've changed in the car, or on a Sunday by the fire, The Ridery t-shirt or jumper is a must-have!

8 - A gift card

Didn't find what you were looking for in any of our suggestions? We've got one last option for you: the classic gift card  !
Simple and effective, they can use it as they please to treat themselves!

And why not even use it on a rental to try out some new equipment?