Our history

The Ridery is first and foremost a story of friendship



The Ridery, it's : 2 friends, a sport, a passion.

From the Bay of the Somme to Tahiti, via the Irish coast, no matter the location or the weather conditions, we have only one obsession: to get away and ride.

All kiters remember their first "waterstart". The adrenaline rush: a unique sensation that should be made accessible to all. However, it is clear that kitesurfing often remains out of reach.

Our ambition is therefore to make kitesurfing more accessible.

The history of THE RIDERY


The story of a friendship

The Ridery, above all, is the story of two friends, Axel and Lucas, and a common passion: kitesurfing (not skitesurfing as Lucas' grandmother says. Or skysurfing. Or... Anyway, we're disgressing.) 😉


Up for anything to kite more and more

We started on leboncoin by selling second-hand equipment with one goal in mind: paying for our trips to the coast to ride as much as possible!

June 2019

The official beginning of The Ridery

A key date, that's when we officially created The Ridery !!

We went through several names before being The Ridery: "All ride" but that was too close to existing names, "La riderie" but when when reading it you think more of a plastic surgeon than of a kitesurfing start-up!

Early 2020

Joining Station F

A key step in our growth. It was at this moment that we were incubated at Station F ( https://stationf.co/ ), one of the largest start-up incubators in the world.

March 2020

Our first recruitment

Up until now, it was just the two of us along with our external partners (repairman, web developer, gear certifier...). But amidst the covid crisis, we hired our first intern to help us out.

January 2021

The Ridery's first shop

Up until January 2021, we were only doing Click & Collect or shipping but all that is over! 2021 is the arrival of The Ridery's shop, a friendly place to discuss kiteboarding!