All-inclusive kitesurfing trips

Sign up, The Ridery takes care of everything!

All-inclusive kitesurfing trips

Sign up, The Ridery takes care of everything!

You want to come and ride the best spots from Paris for a day ? Get on the bus, we'll take care of everything 😉

We remind you the formula of the Kitesurf Center Paris (or "KCP"): kitesurfing day trips during which we take, from Paris, the participants by bus directly on the beaches!

The destination? We make the decision at the last moment based on the conditions! So it's normal if you don't have the info beforehand 😉

  • Departure by bus around 8am and return around 8pm. Departure and arrival point: The Ridery store (8 avenue Paul Adam, 75017).

  • Then it's a day of riding on site with breakfast and post session afterwork.

  • Logistics are provided by The Ridery members but we do not supervise your practice. It is therefore ESSENTIAL to be autonomous in your kitesurfing in order to participate in an outing!
  • Let's ride 🤙

    How to register? It's very simple!

    1/ On the booking platform below, it is imperative to enter the following information:

    • Rental point: "At the store"
    • Departure and arrival point : "The Ridery - PARIS"
    • Click on "Let's go"

    2/ Under "Pick your dates"

    • Pickup time: choose the date of the trip you want to do. For the time, choose "9am."
    • "Choisissez la durée de location": choose "1 day" (otherwise the shuttle spot will not appear).
    • Click on "Let's go"

    3/ Choose your option

    • Last step, choose the option that fits you. Either you already have your gear, in which case you only need your shuttle spot. Or you want to rent some gear for the day, in which case you only need to add what you need in your basket!

    ⚠️ NB

    • If the shuttle spot does not appear in the catalog, it means that the trip is not yet scheduled. Therefore, it is not possible to book a spot.
    • If there are two outings in the weekend and you want to attend both outings, you must make a reservation for each outing: one for Saturday and one for Sunday

    Any question about how it works ?

    We have all the answers !

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