Monthly rental of kitesurfing, surfing and wing-foil equipment


✔️Keep your equipment with you throughout the rental period
✔️Unlimited use
✔️ Equipment available for all disciplines
✔️ Learn new disciplines like wingfoil with the help of specially adapted equipment

✖️ No more outdated and dangerous equipment
✖️ No more resale to deal with
✖️ No more equipment unsuited to your practice

✔️ Inexpensive
✔️ The equipment of your dreams, without robbing a bank
✔️ The equivalent of 2 drunken evenings, with memories to boot 😉

(It's not the rider who chooses his gear, but the gear that chooses its rider...)

Wing, Planche, Foil .... We've got it all !

Pack Wing gonflable

379€ / month
Or 94€ / week

Here we go!

Rigid Wing Pack

409€ / month
Or 102€ / week

Here we go!

Inflatable board + Foil

249€ / month
Or 62€ / week

Here we go!


Inflatable board at 209€ / mois
Rigid board at 229€ / mois

Here we go!


219€ / month
So 55€ / week

Here we go!


219€ / month
So 55€ / week

Here we go!


Kites, Wing, Twintip, Foil, Surf... We got it all!

1 Wing + 1 Bar + 1 Board

299€ / month
Or 75€ / week

Let's go !

2 Wing + 1 Bar + 1 Board

349€ / month
So 87€ / week

Let's go !

2 Wing + 1 Bar

299€ / month
So 75€ / week

Let's go

1 Wing + 1 Bar

249€ / month
So 62€ / week

Let's go


149€ / month
Or 38€ / week

Let's go !


179€ / month
Or 45€ / week

Let's go !

Kitefoil : foil + planche

219€ / month
Or 55€ / week

Let's go !


39€ / month
Or 9€ / week

Let's go !


You choose your pack, then validate your subscription by clicking on the "Go" button and entering the various details.

Would you like to rent a package/equipment not listed below? Send us an e-mail to with your wish list and we'll give you a personalized quote!

We'll contact you directly by email or telephone to choose your equipment (size, model, etc.) and finalize everything.

Then, you can either pick up your equipment directly from the shop of your choice (Paris, Marseille, Brussels), or have it sent to you by parcel post or via relay points.

You keep all your equipment with you as long as your rental is active!

You can change one item in your pack for free each month, and then each change costs €19.


NB :

Don't worry, it's normal that during the subscription process you don't choose your equipment (model, size, etc.). Indeed, after your subscription, we will contact you in order to offer you a personalized follow-up. We will therefore choose the material together according to:
- Your desires (of course 😉 )
- Your level
- Your practice
- The place of practice, and therefore the conditions
PS: therefore the material will not necessarily be the one displayed in the photo!

What equipment/brands are available?

- As far as equipment is concerned, all disciplines are available for hire: kitesurfing, wingfoil, twintip, strapless, kitefoil... you can hire whatever you want! - As far as brands and models are concerned, this of course depends on our current availability. But we generally offer the biggest brands (Duotone, F-One, Cabrinha, Eleveight etc...), so you're bound to find what you're looking for 🤙

How do I stop renting?

- There is no commitment for the monthly rental, only two weeks notice!
- When you want to stop your rental, just let us know 2 weeks in advance, either by email at, or directly by phone at 01 76 35 05 70
- We are responsible for stopping the samples. As long as the rental is in progress, you will be deducted monthly directly from the account you have chosen.

Any question about how it works ?

We have all the answers (well most of all) 😉

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