KITE / SURF / WING Store in Almanarre - HYERES.

KITE / SURF / WING Store in Almanarre - HYERES.

We have opened a boutique at Almanarre!

Welcome to THE RIDERY boutique located at Almanarre in Hyères, one of the most iconic spots in the south of France for water sports such as wingfoiling, kitesurfing, and surfing. It was obvious for us to open a shop in this reference location for water sports enthusiasts. Don't worry, this store follows the same principles as its counterparts: far from a traditional store or shop, we offer a kitesurfing/surfing and wingfoiling "concept store" where the key words are: good vibes, kindness, and conviviality! Although this store is much closer to the sea than its Parisian counterpart, the services offered at Almanarre will remain the same. Here's a quick summary:
Rental of all types of kitesurfing and wingfoiling equipment, regardless of the desired duration. We offer 3 types of rental services:
What we call daily/weekly rentals, where you can choose the exact duration that suits you (similar to ski rentals). Plus, you can pick up your equipment the day before your rental starts and return it the day after! Enjoy those sunset sessions!

Monthly rentals: you can rent the equipment you want (with infinite pack options, it's up to you), but this time on a monthly basis (with a minimum commitment of 2 months and 2 weeks' notice). The principle here is similar to bike rentals like "Swapfiets" or "Veligo". The advantage of this offer? Besides being very financially attractive (e.g., Kite + Bar + Board for €199/month), the best part is that you can keep the equipment at home for long periods and use it without limitations. It's like owning your own gear without the hassles (depreciation, outdated used equipment, selling at the end of the season, etc.). It's also very convenient for learning new disciplines like wingfoiling, where it's often necessary to switch equipment quickly!

Equipment leasing with an option to purchase at the end of the contract. It works just like leasing a car. You don't pay less for the equipment, but you spread out the cash flow! And as they say, cash flow is key ;) All with the latest collection of equipment, of course!
Yes, we offer all types of equipment, but what brands are available? The biggest ones, of course! Duotone, F-One, Cabrinha, Eleveight, North, and many more ;) If you want to know all our available options, don't hesitate to give us a call at +33 4 84 80 02 18!
Here's a MAJOR plus: we can ship your rental directly to your home, your vacation location, or a pickup point! No more packing your car to the brim, now you can go on vacation in a Twingo!

Used and refurbished equipment sales: at The Ridery, all our equipment is available for sale alongside rentals! Depending on how many times it has been rented, the selling price will decrease.
Our strength/advantage/plus? Before each sale, we have our equipment checked by an independent repairer. It is the repairer who, independently of us, assesses the condition of the equipment (good condition, very good condition, or like new), repairs it if necessary (refurbishes it), and determines its selling price accordingly. This allows us to offer a 6-month warranty on all our equipment, regardless of its condition. This is a first in the used equipment market! No more hidden issues with peer-to-peer sales on websites!

While rentals and sales are our flagship services, we also offer many others, such as equipment trade-ins and repairs, "all-inclusive" outings organized for a full day, and more!

A significant point: New shop means new after-work events at THE RIDERY!
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And as we always say:
Stay Tuned and Keep Riding The Ridery

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