The Ridery's team

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Who's behind The Ridery's team?

We come from all walks of life, but we are driven by the same passion: kitesurfing.
At The Ridery, we are first and foremost a team of enthusiasts united around a common goal: democratize the practice of kitesurfing!

Lucas Jacquier - Co-founder

Co-founder, Lucas and The Ridery are one the same, so much his values and his state of mind are reflected the brand.
Coming from our beautiful capital, Lucas started kitesurfing at the age of 15. At The Ridery, he's our "risk taker" ! Don't be fooled by his calm and composed air... A new idea, a visionary project? Be sure, it's up and running within the week!
This adventurous spirit is also visible in his vacation destinations; The classic and crowded spots ? Very little for him... if you are looking for him, he will rather be roaming on the deserted beaches of Costa Rica in search of the "secret spot"
On a daily basis, Lucas loves to talk with clients (in person, by phone, on facebook...) and share his experience with them. Need some advice or to talk kite between two meetings? You can count on him! He is like that our Lucas; in addition to being nice, he likes to do things right 🙂
And last but not least: lover of good food and good products, Lucas is a real cordon bleu! 😉

Co-founder as well, Axel is a real pillar of the brand! He brings to it his vision, his values, but also his inexhaustible energy!
Originally from Tahiti, Axel, or "Ajelíto" (Spanish pronunciation of the "j", tonic accent on the "i") has always been close to water. However, to everyone's surprise, he started kiting a little later, 5 years ago. But rest assured, with his uncommon physical abilities, he quickly caught up! And if he got used to the cooler conditions of the northern French spots, the sun and the turquoise waters will remain forever engraved in his heart.
At The Ridery, Axel is the man of the situation! An issue, an emergency to deal with or even a chicken loop to tinker with? Armed with his unwavering good humor, Axel will always find a solution! And to finish, Ajelíto's final word: "I ate too much..." No relation what so ever? We agree, but he really says it often... 😉

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Valentin Beaudouin - Communication & Marketing Manager

Did someone say wine and cheese? If it's not you, then it's probably our communication and marketing guy: give it up for Valentin, or more commonly called "the man with the mustache".
Native from Normandy, he's really proud of it! And it would be a bad idea to criticize Calvados, by far his favorite beverage. Passionate about kitesurfing since his childhood, Valentin started at the age of 13! But then, where has he been kiting all this time? His "homespots" : Houlgate, Deauville and Saint-Jouin-Bruneval (this one you have to know, but according to him it's worth the detour 😉 ).
Otherwise, very good travel companion, he's never against a nice trip to discover new spots around the world! As you can guess, Valentin is mostly busy thinking about how to make The Ridery known all over the world! But that doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy picking up the phone from time to time to share his experience with customers!
His final word: "As long as the coffee machine is working, everything is fine". It seems, dear reader, that all has been said.